Ed Coleman

Story of Ed

Elect Ed Coleman For HD 79

After 19 years as a dedicated public servant ensuring responsible natural resource development while protecting Montanan’s constitutional right to a clean and healthful environment, Ed has decided to step up his game and run to represent House District 79 at the Capitol. Ed’s experience managing regulatory operations and overseeing multi-million-dollar government budgets, combined with his core values of protecting Montana’s outdoor heritage, advocating for high-quality public education, working towards affordable and accessible health care, and ensuring efficient use of tax dollars make Ed the best choice to represent his neighbors in HD 79.

Born in Illinois, Ed learned about Montana as a child from visiting family friends who showed him the majesty of Montana where the mountains were high, the air was fresh, the water was clean, and the fishing was amazing. Ed moved to Montana at 17 to attend the University of Montana School of Forestry and hasn’t left since. While earning a degree in Natural Resources Management, Ed worked summers in the Bob Marshall Wilderness. When not at work or in school, Ed fished, hunted, and enjoyed all forms of outdoor recreation.

After graduating, Ed went to work as a forester and later as an environmental consultant. In 2001, Ed left the private sector and has served the people of our state at the Montana Department of Environmental Quality ever since. In his time at DEQ, Ed has led enforcement efforts and worked in mining regulation, while also serving as a union representative at the Department. Ed currently serves as the Chief of the Coal and Opencut Mining Bureau. When not at work, Ed can be found hiking or biking the Helena trail system, floating or fishing a river, watching or coaching his kids’ sports, and generally enjoying our Montana outdoors.

Ed and Autumn Coleman raise fifth-generation Montanans, Ed Jr. and Graham, surrounded by friends and family in Helena. Ed and Autumn decided to bring up their family in HD 79 a decade ago because of the district’s affordable housing, proximity to public lands and trail system, quality public schools, socioeconomic diversity, and safe and friendly neighborhood. Ed is concerned that some of what makes HD 79 great is in danger because of growth pressure and outside agendas, so he decided to step up to represent his neighbors and the values that make HD 79 a great place to live. As a resident of HD 79 for a decade and as a parent of kids at both Kessler and CR Anderson, Ed feels that HD 79 should be represented by someone from the district who has both familiarity with the issues important to the district and the experience working with the public to effectively advocate for HD 79 at the Montana Legislature.